Kona Paradise Coffee
Honaunau, Hawaii

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The Kona Coffee Story


During late winter and spring the coffee trees produce a fragrant white blossom which we call "Kona Snow" as the trees look like they are flocked with snow. As the bloom fades the coffee bean begins to develop, first a bright green and finally ripening to a deep cherry red.        

At the peak of ripeness, each bean is hand picked and pulped. Following the pulping process the beans are soaked in water for 48 hours to complete the fermentation process. The beans are taken out of the water and triple washed before placing on the drying screen. 



The beans will stay on the drying screen for the sun drying process for between 1-4 weeks to reach the state of parchment.






The coffee is now ready to be dry milled. This process takes the bean to the final state prior to roasting. The dry mill process removes the final layer of “skin” on the bean thus producing “green” coffee.



The final step in the process is roasting. We proudly offer you the perfect roast to your specifications. Please use our secure online ordering with Paypal to place your order. We roast and ship the same day to ensure the freshest coffee for your cup. 

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